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Date Title
2017-05-06 GenerateTOC: Generator for Table of Contents from HTML Headings
2017-05-05 Nautilus Git GUI for nautilus git-gui/gitk extension
2016-05-21 Twitterの埋め込みツイートのXHTMLへの変換ページTweet2XHTML
2014-09-15 My first Vim plugin: autofname.vim


Date Title
2015-01-12 Vim language configuration for Fortran
2014-12-29 gfortran has no include and library path envrironmental variable
2014-12-28 Install Fortran 90 POSIX API (Posix90 library)
2014-09-20 GUI library for Fortran
2014-08-08 Summary of Fortran 77 to 90 converter
2014-07-17 Fortranでのファイルの削除

Shell script

Date Title
2017-07-30 How to name a commands group in POSIX shell script
2017-05-02 How to avoid errors with accessing $@ and $* after set -u in POSIX shell script
2017-01-01 What is shebang (#!/bin/sh) in POSIX shell script
2016-12-27 How to get date time & time zone in POSIX shell script
2016-12-21 How to check if commands enabled in POSIX shell script
2016-12-18 How to check if script executed as a command in POSIX shell script
2016-12-15 How to initialize POSIX shell script
2016-12-09 How to time a program in POSIX shell script
2016-10-23 How to check if command option is enabled in POSIX shell script
2016-10-23 Solution for garbled characters on GNU Screen
2016-10-10 How to loop N times in POSIX shell script
2016-08-25 How to check root user in POSIX Shell script
2016-07-28 Solution for "xterm: Cannot use 'bash' as shell: No such file or directory"
2016-07-01 How to extract column field in shell script
2016-07-01 How to exclude binary file or directory in Vim internal/external grep
2016-06-11 How to use ShellScript file arguments in user defined function
2016-05-24 How to match grep command for all files including hidden files
2015-10-31 Dynamic terminal title on bash, zsh, tmux
2015-10-21 Setting icon for MSYS2 shortcut
2014-12-23 Solution of grep: warning: GREP_OPTIONS is deprecated; please use an alias or script
2014-04-12 ページャーでヘルプを見ようとするとESC [0mなどが表示される


Date Title
2017-05-06 Summary for Git GUI Clients
2017-05-05 Nautilus Git GUI for nautilus git-gui/gitk extension
2016-03-23 "Can't find a usable tk.tcl" when running git-gui and gitk
2016-03-23 Gitリポジトリの分割
2014-12-28 Management of empty directory for Gi
2014-09-07 Git initial configuration file
2014-08-25 Github PagesでWebサイトの作成
2014-07-20 Install Git from source with cURL, SSL
2014-05-11 GitHubからのclone方法
2013-09-04 gitは正常に終了しませんでした (終了コード 128)

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